Research Overview

My research focus is on digital experimentation and customer journey analytics. I investigate how companies can leverage large-scale experimentation (i) to increase promotional effectiveness and (ii) to improve customer journeys. I also study how companies can measure and increase customer experience along the customer journey. My research projects are in close collaboration with organizations in Europe, Asia, and the US.

A/B Testing
Customer Journey Analytics
Large-Scale Experimentation

Articles in Refereed Journals

Aspara, Jaakko, Jan F. Klein, Xueming Luo, & Henrikki Tikkanen(2018). The dilemma of service productivity and service innovation: An empirical exploration in financial services. Journal of Service Research, 21(2), 249-262. (PDF)

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Büchel, Berno, &  Jan F. Klein (2016). Restrictions in spatial competition: The effects on firms and consumers. Homo Oeconomicus, 33(1-2), 157-172. (Link)

Book Chapters & Applied Business Journals

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